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Revive Physio Clinic is a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre located in Baner, Pune. Physiotherapy treatment is provided by Dr. Poonam Patil, a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. She is a Professional registered with the Indian Association of Physiotherapy and the OT/PT council in the state of Maharashtra.

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  1. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a treatment that uses mild electrical current generating electrical impulses to stimulate the sensory nerves & induce production of endorphins, natural pain killers in a human body, therefore relaxing the muscles in affected areas. We use TENS on our patients to help them achieve relief from joint, neck and back pain.
  2. Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) uses electrical impulses to contract muscles naturally. This treatment prevents and reveres muscle atrophy (loss of muscle mass/tissue). Muscle rehabilitation is enhanced and muscle tone is restored with minimum pain, resulting in stronger muscles. We treat patients who have lost their mobility post accidents or illness with this technique to effectively restore their muscle strength as quickly as possible.
  3. Ultrasound Treatment uses high frequency sound waves causing movements in cellular fluids thus increasing blood flow in the area where ultrasound is applied. Conditions like Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, muscle tears, tendon & ligament injuries, pains, strains and sprains can be treated with this treatment resulting in reduction of inflammation, localised swelling and pain.
  4. Interferential Therapy (IFT) uses two medium frequency current that interfere to produce a beat frequency, giving a soothing and pain-relieving effect on the area where IFT is applied. We use IFT to treat Sciatica, muscular spasms and radiating pains due to nerve irritations. Nerves under the skin and underlying tissue get stimulated and help in muscle stimulation and pain relief.
  5. Cervical spinal Traction is used here to treat neck pains and Vertigo. It is designed to relieve muscle spasms and nerve root compression. Lumbar Traction is the continuous or intermittent application of force to the spine mechanically. Conditions like muscular spasms, herniated discs, nerve irritations due to compression can be treated by applying traction. This treatment provides relief from pain by reducing muscular spasms and pressure on nerve roots & discs.

Matrix Rythm Therapy helps with the restoration of a cell’s normal physiology.

Our body consists of trillions of cells and these cells are surrounded by extracellular matrix. According to Dr. Randoll’s reasearch, healthy muscles vibrate in the frequency range of 8 to 12 Hz. When muscle pulsation frequencies lie outside this range, it causes pain, muscle tension and other health problems.

The device used for this therapy generates a combination of mechanical and magnetic pulses in the natural frequency range of 8 – 12Hz and thus helps treat deeper layers of tissue using pain-free mode of treatment.

  1. Range of Motion Exercises are used to treat frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, ankle sprains, ACL injuries, post fracture & post surgery treatments. These exercises increase blood circulation & facilitate pumping of lymphatic drainage resulting in the increase of blood flow to the affected areas and also reduce inflammation. They help improve range of motion of the joints and also reduce muscular stiffness.
  2. Flexibility Exercises promote muscular stretching. We treat back and neck pains, frozen shoulders, post fractures, post surgery by teaching these exercises to our patients. These exercises help reduce stiffness in the muscles, improve range of motion & increase mobility.
  3. Balance and Co-ordination Exercises focus on achieving equilibrium. We treat Senior citizens who suffer from Parkinsons, Stroke, Ataxia who can be benefited with these exercises. These improve balance and co-rodination while changing positions and walking.
  1. Kinesiology taping technique helps to improve lymphatic drainage & increase circulation, improvise motion and reduce pain & spasms. This therapy is used to treat muscular strains and sprains. It provides support to weak muscles and thus enhancing mobility especially during sports activity. This therapy also re-educates the muscle group, that has lost its functionality, to re-gain its originality.
  2. Manual physical therapy, performed manually, is a specialized therapy. We put pressure using hands on spasmed muscle tissues and fix the malalignment of joints. We treat mobility and range of motion issues using this therapy. As a result, our patients are relieved from tensed muscles and stiff joints.

Ergonomics is nothing but designing and setup of work environments in ways that will provide individuals with utmost comfortable arrangement to work. Revive Physio Clinic can help you understand Ergonomic Principles and apply those to increase well-being and productivity  of your employees. We can assess your office environment and provide you with simple & easy ways to follow. We conduct one-time sessions or workshops to demonstrate correct postures that your employees should be recommended to follow.


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What Say Our Patients

Dr Poonam is a true professional. She cares for her patients and handles them very carefully. She first understands the issue and patiently listens to the problems the patient faces. She then decides on a rehabilitation plan and methodically follows it to help the patient recover. I had a total Achilles tendon rupture and post operation she has helped me gain most of my mobility. I have started playing badminton again which led to this problem. She is an excellent physiotherapist and I am sure her practice will flourish in leaps and bound. Recommend her highly.

Rajeev Nair

I had undertaken treatment from Dr.Poonam Patil for Shoulder Impingement. I had massive shoulder pain for almost 6 months and it was a nightmare. Dr. Poonam used machine and props exercises. I found her to be extremely competent and experience professional. The treatment & exercises worked for me and I started feeling relieved. I strongly recommend to have treated. I wish Dr. Poonam all the best. -- Aniruddha Kulkarni

Aniruddha Kulkarni

I had a fall which led to a shoulder tendon tear due to which I wasn't able to lift my hand up at all. I was referred a tendon repair surgery. Post surgery physio was critical. Dr Poonam was referred by a friend and I have been taking treatment from her. She has been really helpful, the movements I had done wasn't possible without her support and treatment. My recovery process has been a lot smoother. Thanks to the dedication and diligence from Dr Poonam.

Anuradha Arora

Thank you so much doctor for providing such wonderful service. Dr. Poonam is very professional, caring informed and very receptive.

Vipul Bonde

Very nice experience with Dr Poonam. Fees are reasonable. She is very friendly and explains things well. Also, her treatment was found to be very effective, resulting in faster recovery. Would definitely recommend her to everyone

Vidya Joshi

Happy Client

Visited for sports injury rehabilitation. Doctor is friendly and she explains course of treatment and cause very well. Visiting her from past 2 months and happy with treatment.

Neha Somani

Happy Client

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